Tutoring Years 1 -12

Fredrick Joseph - Tutor at Blacktown and Liverpool

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Completing Bachelor of Medicine at UNSW, Fred began tutoring at Pathway to University while he was in his 1st year at university. Having tutored with us for 6 years now, his wealth of knowledge far exceeds typical tutors. His bright bubbly personalilty allowes students to immediately feel relaxed, allowing them to open up and ask questions. 

He tutors physics, biology, chemistry and extension 2 maths. Having achieved an ATAR or 99,90 while he was attending Sydney Boys High School, he will ensure that all his student never leave class with a quesiton unaswered!

Fredricks message to his future students:

Studying needs to be fun! Classrooms need to be interactive! I have always believed in this, and this is what I looked for when I was doing the HSC my self. This is also how I run my classes at Pathway to University. I started working here because of their philiosophy in small class sizes, with quality tutoring. In my 6+ years as a tutor, I have taught hundreds of students, many of whom wernt doing well at school, after identifying why they arnt perfoming in their exams, I have worked personally with studetns to formulate a plan in order for them to improve their marks. I believe a good tutor not only explains content really well, but also is able to idendify why and where a student needs improving.

See you in my class!

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