Tutoring Years 1 -12

Phuong Nguyen - Sydney Girls - 98,95 ATAR

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I highly recommned Pathway to University for any student wanting to improve their marks, their tutors are just so friendly and approachable. I always felt as thought I could go up to them for help, knowing that any and all my questions will be answered. The tutors undergo training every month, and they post videos of their training seminars as well, which always gave me confidence that they knew not only the content, but also were able to explain those ideas to me in a way I could understand.

Why did you choose Pathway to University?

One of the most difficult things duruing the HSC is time management. This becomes an issue when you are studying and then get stuck and need help, instead of waiting to go to school, where teachers are usually busy in class teaching their own content, at Pathway to University, I could always just give them a call, or use their app for help. If I ever didnt understand anything, they were always their for me and had my back, I found this pesonally the most usefull tool in helping me reduce my stress levels as well! I think finding a tutor that will help you in and out of class is vital, as most of the studying you do is at home, and this is why I beleive all students should attend Pathway to University.

What are you study now after graduating from Pathway to University?

Bachelor of Pharmacy at Sydney University, currently im in my 4th year, with hopes of doing my internship at Royal Prince Alfred hospital

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