Tutoring Years 1 -12

Darshana Sharma - James Ruse - 99,65 ATAR

Darshana Sharma - James Ruse

My time at Pathway to University was absolutly termendoues! The tutors go out of their way to assist you, and this is what I wanted for my HSC. I did not want to attend a centre with 20-30 students per class, where you cannot even ask questions, or worse yet, tutors dont have time for you. Their small class sizes and the knowledge of their tutors far exceeded my expectiations.

Why did you choose Pathway to University?

Their tutoring class sizes are really small, my Chemistry class size had 6 students, which is the most they have epr class. 

The iPad app that they have, there is two, one for exams and another to communicate with tutors, and this is amazing, we can post pictures, questions, and ask for help in their app and not only do they help you, but their app is connected to all centres, so you may ask a tutor who works at a different centre for help as well. 

The materials provided - I really liked the structed notes along with the homework questions. I personally found the questions to be very similr to the HSC, the style was perfect, and helped me prepare for my exams.

What are you study now after graduating from Pathway to University?

Medicine at University of New South Wales, currently in my third year, with hopes of specialising in Dermatology

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