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  Private tutoring shouldn't be a Hassle! 

We are dedicated to making private tutoring available to everyone, where ever in the world!  Pathway to University connects students from all around to work to our highly trained qualified tutors, especially those students living in regional and remote areas with the use of online video conferencing.


                                                       How it works

  1. Easy. Pick a time that suits you and we'll book in your first free online tutoring session. Every lesson is private, face-to-face and real time.
  2. You will be allocated a tutor who will best suit your individual needs.
  3. Login, see and talk with your tutor online, while using our very one interactive whiteboard.

                                Why Pathway to University for Online tutoring?

  • Conveniently Online
  • For students from Pre-K through to secondary high school
  • Experts in English and Maths - All our online tutors are qualified English and Maths teachers

Online - Pathway to University Other Tutoring Providers
Face-to-face and Private
Entire lesson recorded and sent to you
No need to travel
Work on your own schedule
Qualified Tutors
Voice and Video chat with your tutor

                                                     Avaliable Courses

English Maths
Pre-K Pre-K
Primary School Primary School
Secondary School Secondary School
Learning English as a Language Learning how to count
Essay Writing Algebra
Reading Basic Mathematics for entering Secondary School
Comprehension Exam Preparation

                                                Industry Leaders in Online Tutoring

We believe the golden standard set by Pathway to University in educating students all around the world involves qualified teachers who are able to express their ideas and concepts clearly to their students. This, along with the use of smart technology allows us to provide quality lessons and learning material to all our students, wherever in the world!

                                                                      Pricing - Online Tutoring

2 Hour Lessons 1 Hour Free Trial lesson
Regular Price $40 ($20 Per Hour) Free
Social Media Review Price $35 ($17,50 Per Hour) Free

Each lesson is two hours in duration, this allows enough time for the students to be taught concepts by our tutors followed by questions being done with their private tutor.

Social Media Review Price - Just leave a review on our Facebook page about your exceptional experience with us and we will give you a discount on your tutoring fee.

You will always have the same tutor, it doesn't change, and as such a payment of 4 weeks in advanced is required, 

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