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Comprehensive teaching:

Our mission is for our students to be the in the top 10% of the state, be it primary school to get into selective schools, or high school students wanting to maximise  their ATAR to pursue their dream career. Founded in 2009 by Sanjeev Prasad, Pathway to University is Sydney’s most comprehensive tutoring centre.

We believe all students are different and that anyone is capable of achieving a great mark. Schools do a decent effort in educating students, however their teaching is more geared towards the ‘mass’ of students, and thus isn’t individualised. On top of this, as days go by, more students are wanting to pursue a university degree and parents wanting their child to attend a selective school, which is excellent! However the number of schools and university positions isn’t increasing at the same rate as the students wanting to attend these schools, and yet more and more students are also attending tutoring lessons.

So the situation is this, more students, less positions, and more parents wanting to ensure their child attain a position at their desired school. This is where we come in - We provide Sydney’s most comprehensive tutoring service, second to none. We have a small class size of maximum 6 students, personalised weekly homework, an exam every 3 weeks, Skype sessions on a weekly basis and 24/7 tutor support, being the only tutoring centre in New South Wales offering this service.

We understand that students especially in their senior years stay up late studying and need answers to obstacles they encounter. Thus they can now simply text/SMS/e-mail/call our centre and be rest assured a comprehensive answer will be given promptly.

We do not make any compromises, so that our students can be given the best opportunity to show their true potential.

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