Tutoring Years 1 -12

Tutor and founder of Pathway to University


After studying at Sydney University in Medical Science, Sanjeev transferred into Pharmacy where recieved his Bacholers in 2012. Completing his HSC, he founded Pathway to University while discussing ideas with his colluges at university, in how they could help other achieve what they have done so them selfs. With his passion in helping other succeed, he grew Pathway to Univeristy in the early days while still working full time as a pharmacist, managing 5 pharmacies located around Sydney.  

He tutors chemisty, general and advanced maths, physics and engineering studies, having achieved a successful ATAR in achieving his dream course at university, and with 5+ years of university studies under his belt, he will go out of his way to ensure you can achieve you full potiental!

Sanjeevs message to future university students:

Students! I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep up studying and not to lose hope! Take a little break in between studying, no longer than 15 minutes. It may look all difficult right now, but one day you will look back and see how it was all worth it. Studying 6 hours a day minimum would be my recommendation in achieving a ATAR in the 90’s. I would advise all year 12 students to complete 4-6 past papers for each subject every week, personally I believe this is what helped the most in identifying my strengths and weaknesses when I was completing the HSC, I knew a lot of the content well before my HSC, however I could never get the marks I wanted, which I found extremely frustrating, it was only until I started doing past papers that I realized the way I was answering questions was incorrect or I did not answer what the question wanted. Doing past papers is a must all the way up until the HSC. You can download the free app we have on the iTunes store “PTU Exams” that has thousands of exams that we have put together for our students to use. Study hard and make it all count!

I'll see you in class!

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